Statement by Mark Strahl on Launch of Re-Election Campaign

September 11, 2019

Chilliwack – Mark Strahl, Conservative Candidate for Chilliwack—Hope, today issued the following statement regarding the launch of the Federal Election campaign:

“Today, the Prime Minister called a federal election for October 21st. We are privileged to live in a country where we have the right to democratically elect the MPs who will form the government that will represent our interests in Ottawa. We must never forget the sacrifices of those who fought and died to extend and protect that right for us. We honour them by exercising that right in this election.”

“It’s been an honour to serve the people of Chilliwack—Hope. I am asking you to continue to put your trust in me as I fight for you and our communities as a strong representative both here at home and back in Ottawa. I have never taken this position for granted and will be working hard to earn every vote.”

“As a member of the Official Opposition Conservatives, I have helped to hold Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government to account. Now Canadians can hold them accountable as well.”

“After four years, Justin Trudeau has shown that he cannot be trusted. He broke his promises on balancing the budget, on reforming the electoral system and on running an ethical and transparent government, to name just a few. Justin Trudeau has been found guilty of breaking ethics laws on multiple occasions, the latest being his SNC-Lavalin scandal. He has embarrassed Canada with his weak leadership on the world stage. More and more Canadians feel like they are either falling behind or barely getting by under this Liberal government. That’s simply not good enough. “

“Only Andrew Scheer and the Conservative Party have the team and the plan that can help put Canada back on track.”

“On October 21st, Canadians can elect a new Conservative government led by Andrew Scheer - a government that will live within its means, lower your taxes, and put more money in your pocket, because it’s time for you to get ahead.”


Sarah Honey